Sat, Sep 04 | Luznas stacija

Courting the Muse~Beloved

Courting the Muse~Beloved
Courting the Muse~Beloved

Time & Location

Sep 04, 12:00 PM – Sep 08, 2:00 PM
Luznas stacija, Luzna, Targales pagasts, LV-3601, Latvia

About The Event

Place of event: Beautiful and silent place in the middle of the woods, 400 meters from the Baltic Sea. Map of the place

Limit: 16 persons


1100€ if staying in equipped overnight tents

1300€ if staying in a double room

Event description: 

I would love to kiss you. The price of kissing is your life.


The natural world is a mysterious and alluring love dance. Wind dances with trees, snowflakes kiss the grass, thunderstorms roar, and lightning brightens the sky—everything is courting everything! What endless and unique wonders of this world are romancing you?

By opening our wild heart, we too can fall in love with anything—an idea, the ocean, a human, or a tree. As with any love affair, we risk turning our entire world upside down to be plunged into both ecstasy and devastation. In this rocky place, we are opened up and made profoundly vulnerable, sometimes shaken to our very core, and the story that we’ve been living begins to crumble. It is here that we begin to ask finer, deeper questions about who we are in our depths. These new questions bring an end to our smaller story; from this romance, something new emerges and our deepest creativity awakens.

Our Inner Beloved may plunge us into disturbing and magical waters of transformation, just as our outer beloved relationships do. The Inner Beloved, the unknown half of our psyche which Jungians refer to as the anima or animas, is that which we encounter in dreams, visions, images, nature, or the attractive/repulsive qualities we project onto others. The qualities we project are often the ones our ego most needs to experience its full aliveness.

The Inner Beloved, our own guide to soul, wants us to die to our old ways so that our never-before-seen gifts may be offered in service to the world. A descent to soul enables us to cultivate our innate visionary skills, respond creatively to the dangerous challenges of our world in these times of planetary crisis, and achieve real change. We’re invited to become an open vessel—vulnerable enough to receive the great longings and desires destined in our souls and in the soul of the world, the anima mundi.

Each person has a unique song, poem, genius, or other soul-infused form of expression. Our muse is the wellspring of our creativity and vision, ushering us toward what’s most worth doing in life. It is our unique way of looking at things. Our soul, or mythopoetic identity, is an indispensable guide to fulfilling our purpose. Our muse partners with soul to inspire how our gifts manifest in the world.

Courting the Inner Muse-Beloved is a wild invitation to the romance of your life. Immersed in the wilds of nature, we’ll approach the practice of courting through ceremony, conversations with the more-than-human others, deep imagination, council, dreamwork, wild yoga/body movement, trance/drumming and dancing, and soul art. We’ll partner with the imagination of Earth and explore what it is to create within this inherent co-creative relationship.

While working with our Inner Beloveds, we’ll remember the beauty and horrors of past and present attractions, the delicious and ugly shadows evoked. We will honor our outer beloveds while reclaiming the resources at the heart of these shadow projections, for the purpose of our soul’s work.

Learn practical approaches for cultivating an ongoing relationship with Muse while birthing your own gifts and expression into the world. Experience how listening to the Muse informs your unique artistic expression and service to the world.

The Guide:

Rebecca Wildbear: Rebecca is a river and soul guide, compassionately helping people tune in to the mysteries that live within the wild Earth community, Dreamtime, and their own wild Nature. She gently ushers people to the underground river of their greater story, so they may surrender to their soul’s deepest longing and embrace their sacred gifts, live a life of creative service, and rediscover their deep belonging to the Earth community. A therapist and wilderness guide since 1997, Rebecca utilizes her training and experience with yoga, meditation, Hakomi, and somatic psychotherapy to support individuals in discovering and manifesting their soul gifts. She also leads Animas programs and is on the faculty of Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. Rebecca is the creator of Wild Yoga™, a sacred way of breathing and moving, aligned with Earth and Soul.

Doug Van Houten: Doug draws on the wisdom of the natural world, depth-psychology, eco-psychology, dreams, somatic knowing, poetry, and many pan-cultural, soul furthering practices that includes: The Way of Council, vision fasting, trance dancing and conversations with the more than human world. Doug’s true calling in life is to support others as they uncover their own unique gifts and in so doing, transform their lives in service to what Thomas Berry called ”The Great Work” of our times. Doug is also an ardent beekeeper, a visual artist, a wily wanderer, a dream tracker, an emergent ceremonialist, a heart-centered activist, and a budding yoga instructor interested in new forms of yoga and somatic practice.  His website is