Sun, Jan 10 | Luznas stacija

Love Letters of Earth and Moon: Soulcraft Practices PROGRAM FULL!

Love Letters of Earth and Moon: Soulcraft Practices to Free the Heart
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Love Letters of Earth and Moon: Soulcraft Practices PROGRAM FULL!

Time & Location

Jan 10, 5:00 PM – Jan 17, 10:00 AM
Luznas stacija, Luzna, Targales pagasts, LV-3601, Latvia

About The Event

Place of event: Beautiful and silent place in the middle of the woods, 400 meters from the Baltic Sea. Map of the place

Limit: 6 persons

Costs: 550€, staying in a single room

Event description:

Love is the breath of the cosmos says poet Drew Dellinger.  Imagine that Earth is a love letter being constantly written to Moon.  Every beautiful expression of life in the sea, the forest, the prairie… each and every creature is a line in that love letter.  And imagine that the subtle changing light of Moon caressing Earth’s body night after night, aeon upon aeon, is a love poem being endlessly sung.  The gravitational connection of these two spinning heavenly bodies is an ongoing, infinitely passionate and tender love story.  How might we small humans with our vast hearts add our voices to these love letters?  How might our praise poems contribute to the great love that is the breath of the cosmos?

In winter, during the long dark love nights, our small group will gather at the station in the forest by the sea.  We will engage in ceremonies and practices that allow us to participate in the great cosmic love story.  Our hearts will expand beyond the concerns of the merely human world and connect with the greater wilder love of Earth and Moon, tide and storm, night and day.

Soulcraft guide, Sage Magdalene, will meet with us daily via internet, and lead us in self-designed ceremonies, dreamwork, deep imaginal journeys, and invitations to wander in the natural world.  Our retreat will be designed to open wider the doors of the heart so that we might participate more fully in the exchange of love letters written in every moment between Earth and Moon.

Love Letter to the Milky Way

I want to tell you about love

There are approximately 1 trillion galaxies

I want to tell you about

In the Milky Way there are about 100 billion stars

I want to tell you

Love is the breath of the cosmos

I want to write a love letter to the Milky Way

Everything is an expression of the galaxy

My 30 trillion cells

The four noble truths

The eight-fold path

The five precepts

The seven energy centers of the body

Everything is the Milky Way

including my lover,

and every kiss

of every lover that’s ever


The deep sky

The ubiquity of spirt

The DNA of dreams

The interlocking patterns of the cosmic constellations

“Cosmos” and “justice” are synonymous with beauty

but parts of the Milky Way don’t give off light

Sometimes it feels like I’ve got Ground Zero in my heart

The dark sun bleeds shadows

The dark sun leaves shadows on everything

The forecast calls for scattered to broken skies

If there wasn’t so much love there wouldn’t be so much pain

It’s like love is the nervous system of the universe

Bringing us joy and sorrow

I inherit the

voice of the Milky Way in my dreams

The entire galaxy revolves around a single drop of wine

Your skin

the texture of the cosmos

the religion beyond religion

I want to know you like the wind knows the canyons

or the rain knows the rivulets

Lightning is continuously striking in 100 places every moment

The universe spills through our dreams

The future belongs to the most compelling story

Even the word “love”

is not adequate to define

the force that wove

the fabric of


If we could sense everything at once

like Krishna entering history with all the memory of his past


then I could tell you about love

by Drew Dellinger

The Guide:

Sage Magdalene: Sage is an artist creating experiences that promote radical shifts of consciousness leading to generous, generative, Earth-loving practices of ecological reciprocity. She designs collaborative international gatherings, performances and demonstrations that encourage cross-species communication and initiate quantum shifts in humanity's capacity to respond creatively and compassionately to current planetary crisis situations.

Sage is a guide and trainer for Animas Valley Institute, an organization dedicated to supporting the underworld journey to soul initiation for present and future generations. She has a gift for hearing and reflecting the deep stories of many beings. She invites people to thresholds and opens gates between worlds. She has been an educator, artist, dancer, and gate keeper in many ecosystems. Her greatest joy is to hear and converse with the wild others: moon, spider, frog, human, river and stars. She brings a light touch and embodied wisdom to the serious work of transformation. Sage lives in the Pojoaque River Valley, northern New Mexico, USA.

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